Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sugar Daddy Spends £121,000 On Champagne In a London Nightclub


A self-styled sugar daddy who pays students for sex spent £121,000 on champagne last night celebrating a big win at a casino.
Dexter Koh, who owns a public relations company in Shoreditch, claimed he won a six-figure sum in a night of gambling before arriving at Aura nightclub in Mayfair at midnight and blew more than £121,000 on champagne, including a single Methuselah of Cristal — six litres at £26,000, Jeroboam of Ace of Spades champagne, three litres, at £16,500.
He tweeted photographs from inside the nightclub, surrounded by models and huge champagne bottles fizzing with sparklers and wrote, “12/12/12 wow just smashed it again on the tables. Six figures. What a way to end the year. Let’s get my drink on!”. He added: “having it large”, “this bill will be epic” and “now that’s what I call getting your round in!”.

The flamboyant businessman also enters into contractual sexual relationships. A spokesman for — known as a “sugar daddy” dating site — said: “They give him sex and show him a good time, and he lavishes them with riches.” Mr Koh recently told how he dated a 24-year-old Bristol University graduate who had student debts of £62,000 and was struggling to find work in London.
He said: “There was no way she could have survived financially without the help of a sugar daddy.
“I really felt sorry for her, she was worried sick about her debt. I really don’t know how some students cope without having very rich parents. hehehee, too much money, you wan try? Don't go looking for him, cos you won't find him oh...Lol


  1. Only on champagne? where the man dey oh, make I suck his pocket dry.

  2. 2 much money!!wow