Saturday, 29 September 2012

Simi Osomo's £30,000 a year shopping addiction to London

According to report, the 25-year-old Simi Osomo makes six trips to London from Nigeria. She spends about two weeks here and every day she goes shopping. She was spotted at the boutique shop Matches Townhouse in Marylebone with a personal shopper. When asked how much a two-week shopping trip in London costs she makes a bashful face. “Ooh, should I really be saying this? It depends, but most times about £5,000.”

For Nigerians, London is a shopping mecca. Visitors from Nigeria are the UK’s fourth biggest foreign spenders. According to Osomo London is closer than America and the customer service here is phenomenal. Back home in Lagos, the technology market has been flooded with fake products from China, which means more people are coming to London for electronic goods. “No one wants to spend more than 100,000 naira (£390) and find out it is fake, so they prefer to come over for a holiday and buy something they know is real and has a guarantee in case something goes wrong.

Although summer is the height of the shopping season, Osomo likes to come back for the January sales too. Her mother, a lawyer, and father, a businessman, often join her. She has just finished a law degree and is about to start a job in fashion journalism, which she hopes will give her enough holidays for trips to London.


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