Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Second-hand Clothes Could Cause Candidiasis & Hepatitis Says an Expert

Second hand clothes, popularly known in Nigeria as "Okirika" or "Bend Down Select", are capable of causing some known diseases according to medical expert.

A medical expert, Dr Elizabeth Uzorji, has said that second-hand clothes users risk contracting candidiasis and hepatitis. According to her, such diseases were air-borne and could be contracted easily through the constant use of second-hand clothes.

Uzorji went further to say that, "Those that patronise second clothes do not have the slightest idea of who the first user was, and those selling the wares also do not take their time to wash these clothes very well before marketing them. (Point of correction, they don't wash the clothes at all).

The medical expert warns that women who buy inner wears from the second-hand dealers could contract vaginal infections. Hehehe

Please oh, ensure you wash every "OK" purchase with hot water and detergent before use.......

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