Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Over 300 Nigerian Pilgrims Stranded In Isreal

Nigerian pilgrims, who were supposed to round up their ten-day trip to Jerusalem yesterday, checked out of their hotels very early only to be told on their arrival at the airport that there’s no arrangement made for their return trip back home.  
The pilgrims said when they contacted their travel agency, Tailormade Tours Limited, it explained that the problem was due to non remittance of funds to be used to make arrangements for their airlift by the Nigeria Christians Pilgrims Commission. After staying at the airport for over seven hours, the management of the airport later asked the pilgrims to leave the airport. hehehe

According to report, the pilgrims had to charter buses to take them round the town as they have no place to stay after checking out of their hotels. They have been left to be roaming the streets of Tel-Aviv aimlessly hoping that the matter would be resolved in the earliest time possible. Lol....this is not funny, but am laughing cos it reminds me of something that happened recently...Don't ask me what.

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