Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chelsy Davy Says Final Goodbye To Prince Harry

Prince Harry's ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy, is said to be "very happy and in love" with her new boyfriend Matthew Mills.
The 27-year-old is reportedly smitten with Matthew Mills, who she has been dating since November last year, and they recently enjoyed a relaxing holiday in South Africa.

Since her seven-year on/off relationship with Harry finally ended in 2011, Matthew, 29, is said to be Chelsy's first serious boyfriend.
And Chelsy isn't the only ex girlfriend of Harry to say final goodbye to the prince. Earlier this month, it was revealed Florence Brudenell-Bruce (Flee) - is to marry multimillionaire Henry St. George after he proposed during a festive holiday to New York.

Meanwhile last week, Prince Harry was crowned Town & Country magazine's top bachelor in the world, beating out 39 other handsome, wealthy, and perpetually single men for the top spot. So the dream of becoming a princess is alive and well for many husband-hunters...


  1. Good for her to be happy in love.

  2. I wish her the best! Too bad she and Harry don't make it work. They realy look cute together.