Thursday, 24 January 2013

Embracing The Unwanted

Throughout life we have and we will face unwanted life experiences. We will view these experiences as wearisome and upsetting to say the least. They may cause stress, anxiety or even depression. They could also be so damaging to cause you to engage in negative behaviors in an effort to try to relieve the “dis-ease” you feel from these niggling tribulations. However, on the flip side, they could also bring you great joy and happiness if you allow them to, and if you know "how."

One of the most powerful “tools” I learned over the years is to embrace every unwanted life experience as the best possible thing that could be happening to me at that moment. It might be hard at the very beginning, but if you consciously practice this every time you face a challenge, it won't be long till it becomes a norm. I look at it as a challenge from the Universe with a knowing that it will benefit me in the end. I know I have a choice. I can allow it to tear me down or I can allow myself to shine through it. Every problem or obstacle is a new opportunity for you to be who you want to be and to have what you want to have.

I know what you are thinking, “How can bad things make me any different or give me what I want?” They will make you different if you choose to react differently than you normally would. Instead of reacting with frustration, anger, and/or fear, react with courage and determination to overcome the unwanted knowing that something great will come out of it. That greatness could be strength, awareness and/or wisdom, or in the case of a lost job or house, the greatness could be a better job or a bigger house. When you look at unwanted life experiences as a BENEFIT they lose their power of being a problem as well as their right to affect you negatively, leaving you with what you do want.

The next time you are faced with an unwanted life experience, ask yourself how you want to feel through all of it. Do you want to continue to feel stressed out, torn apart, frustrated or angry, or do you want to embrace it for what it is and continue to enjoy life? YOU have the power to change anything at any moment – just change your thinking about it, its called "Mindset."

" There is always SOMETHING behind NOTHING. That is why you could start from zero to zillions. Keep On Keeping On. Love You....

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