Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Two Killed & Nine Injured As Helicopter Crashes In Central London


Two people have been confirmed dead and at least nine injured when a helicopter crashed onto rush hour traffic in central London this morning. 
The aircraft plunged to the ground after hitting a crane on top of a tower block next to the River Thames in Vauxhall. Two people were killed instantly at the scene, one of them is believed to be the pilot of the helicopter, and the second fatality is believed to have been on the ground and died after being struck by burning wreckage.

Horrified eyewitnesses described a massive explosion and a scene “like something out of a science fiction disaster film.” One witness reported it “rocking and shaking from side to side” before it crashed. The stricken aircraft cartwheeled to the ground and exploded into flames before crashing into a street just 20 yards from Vauxhall station during the rush hour. 
Sources said the helicopter was civilian owned. 
Independent aviation experts as well as the police are investigating the cause of the crash.


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