Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Drama Still Unfolding: Meet Solomon Akiyesi's 1st Wife Ezinne


The drama surrounding the unspeakable event that happened last Saturday when Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi tried to marry another while still married is getting hotter by the day. We've entered part 2 Disc 1....hahahaha. If you missed the story read it here and here.

Well, after that incident, it was reported that Lilian who disrupted the wedding that was meant to happen between her husband and Uloma is not Solomon's actual first wife (she is the second). That wedding on Saturday infact, was Solomon's 3rd marriage attempt. Also in another report, Lilian claims that Uloma knew that Solomon was still married to her yet she continued her affairs with him despite several warnings from her.

In a recent update gathered by SDK, Solomon Akiyesi was first married to Ezinne (pictured above on their wedding day), didn't divorce her....went ahead and married Lilian. Solomon was still married to Ezinne and Lilian respectively and lied about going to Lagos to shoot a movie, only to get married to Uloma for the third time in his life.

Ezinne and Solomon are still married but are not living together. They had Traditional and Church wedding ceremonies on 20th April 2003 and the reception took place at LA kings stadium road  in Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Solomon began dating Lilian when he was still married to Ezinne and despite all the warnings from Ezinne, Lilian didn't quit her affairs with him. Ezinne was helpless at the time and she seem to be a peaceful person, so Solomon took a walk and moved out but was in contact with her, even recently.

Insiders from Ezinnes's camp, confirmed that Ezinne broke down on the day of Solomon's wedding to Lilian but chose not to 'disrupt' the wedding. She wanted to sue them but her family prevailed on the matter.

Ezinne's friends and many others has now come to the conclusion that, Lilian is the "Real Husband Snatcher" and got paid back in her own coin. They insist that the law of Karma caught up with her.

Now which man in his right frame of mind acts like this? Seriously thinking that this Solo might be under a cause, what a confused man he is. Only the wisdom of God that can prevail over this matter, cos this is too complicated now.

On a last note, this should serve as lesson to all. As a woman, you should be very careful who you get involve with. The rate at which marriages are happening in Nigeria today, you ask, is there any award for being married? Marriage is good and should be enjoyed, but not the way, many do it today. Any marriage built on a false foundation, all it takes is just time before it crumbles.

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