Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kemi Olunloyo Shows Off Her Gun & '2 Shots Will send You UP To See Tupac, Princess Diana & Michael Jackson'

In a previous post shared on her FB page this week, the Canadian deportee and daughter of former Governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo popularly known as #MadamGovernor said the following...

"It's true #BLOGGERS! I owned 5 #Guns in #America. They were legal and we are allowed to kill intruders! On the rumour going around, its no rumour, those guns entered Ng via my container. I carry SigSauers around for my protection. I got at least two at all times so that if I need back up (Cowboys and Indians) I can continue shooting my attacker. This is a country where we have NO emergency First responder system in place (911 and 999), Kidnappers, Rritualists and no credible police. I'm UNTOUCHABLE! 2 shots I'll send you UP to see Tupac, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. All armed robbers in Ibadan always stay home when I go out!
Protect yourself!
I still got the SECOND Amendment
My kid's American


Well, here is a picture of her with one of the gat to run for your life oh!

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