Friday, 12 April 2013

NB Inspiration: Help Me Believe

On Inspiration Today, I decided to do something different; to share one of my favourite songs with you.
In life, if you've been through so much pain, and sorrow, a time comes when you seem not to know what it feels like to be happy or free anymore. If you've known failure for so long, it gets to a point where you feel your dreams can't be reached again. There were times I felt like that, yes I did.
But you know what? You giving up on your dreams, does not make the world better than what it is right now, your quitting does not stop others from taking the strides you are afraid to take.

Believing and having hope that things will be fine some day is a very tough thing to do, I must say. We've all read books and probably had people around us told us, everything will be ok, yet we still find it difficult to believe.
Here is what I have to say: "The fact that you are going through some kind of unusual challenges, already indicates you'll be great in life." Great men and women of today that you know and aspire to be like; check history, they got the hardest punch from life more than you and I.

When you feel like giving up, pause, and say Lord, help me believe, cos he is the only one that can help you go through it, fight the inner conflict and grant you that inner strength to carry on till the very end. Help me Believe by Kirk Franklin says it all. Listen, believe, it's well.

Have a wonderful weekend and sorry for the late entry though.
Nelly Okonkwo

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