Friday, 19 April 2013

NB Inspiration: My Signature Story......Reflections

On Inspiration Today, am kicking off my 'Signature Story' with this poem titled Reflections.

Today I reflected on what could have been and what is to be
Today I reflected on the woman in the mirror
It was more than a picture, a dream, a painting
It was real; it was lived by me.

Today I reflected upon the journey
Today I reflected on that path which I traveled
It was challenging, painful, it was sweet, and it was not a dream
It was real; it was life lived by me.

Today I reflected on living the life of that woman in the mirror
Today I stood up boldly and whispered deeply to myself
Today is the day I will paint the picture, stand tall to the challenge,
And reap the harvest.
Today is the day I will conquer it all.

I wrote this poem knowing that life is to be lived no matter what happens. Start all over again, pick up those broken pieces and make beautiful beginnings. Live Life!

Until I come your way again with my signature story, stay blessed and happy weekEND dearies!!!!

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