Friday, 19 April 2013

Video - Durex Unveils Touch Over The Internet Technology For Long-Distance Lovers

Are you in a distant relationship? Or occasionally staying away from your partner/spouse for a couple of weeks/months? If you answered yes, then this is for you.

The condom company Durex (don't act like you don't know them...Lol) have unveiled their new technology experiment called Fundawear.
A new commercial sees a couple testing out the product, which allows lovers to 'touch' each other over the internet via a mobile app.

Named "the future of foreplay", Fundawear uses the technology involved in making a mobile phone vibrate. Actuators are wired into male and female underwear, which can then be remotely stimulated via an app.

The new product is the latest from the condom company's so-called 'durexperiment' team.
Durex stated that it is aimed at people in long distance relationships, so that they can "tease, tickle and tantalise even when apart".

Fundawear says on their Facebook page that other couples can sign up for further tests of the product. Awh, how nice, am actually gonna try it out, holla at me if want be my partner...Am kidding.

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