Thursday, 9 May 2013

Blogger Nelly Okonkwo Gets 'A Retweet' From The 'Most Handsome Man' On The Planet

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes it's true, don't be jealous, hehehehe. OK, this really got me cracking this morning, I did a post on his Facebook Page apparently being deleted for no reason, he obviously got a mention and he found my twitter page @nellieybelle and retweeted the post. Yay...I'm all smiles, infact am already following the hottie on twitter.....hahahaha. Oh dear!!!! See the video of his interview with GMA Network after the cut...


  1. Nelly you are so funny. Abeg collect the guy number sharp sharp. He is too hot to be ignored.

  2. get it, girl! nice blog. i'm bookmarking.