Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'I Did It To Entertain People': Psy Imposter Who Fooled The World's Biggest Stars At The Cannes Film Festival

Last week saw one of the most shocking moments ever at the Cannes Film Festival when Denis Carre, a business consultant from Ireland, partied with the biggest stars in the world dressed up as Korean pop sensation Psy, (the guy who sang the song Gangnam Style).
The imposter managed to pull the wool over Hollywood's finest last week with stars such as Naomie Harris and Adrian Brody even posing for pictures with the prankster, and embarrassingly uploading them onto Twitter. Hahaha

The impersonator has revealed that he aimed to pave the way for himself to become one of the world's most successful lookalikes revealing that the phone just hasn't stopped ringing since his phenomenal hoax broke the news across the world taking even the real 'Gangnam Style' star having to expose the phony on Twitter.

“The principal aim was purely a one-shot marketing/public relations trick. The aim was not—as a lot of the press is saying at the moment - to drink for free and eat for free!" the joker told GQ.
But despite rubbing shoulders with legends from all corners of the entertainment industry Denis revealed that he still has one prime goal – to meet the real K pop star himself telling the magazine the horse-riding dancer has “changed my life”.

The lookalike also stressed that at no point did he ever mean to upset people it was all in the name of entertainment. Well entertained we certainly all were as Denis' stint made for one of the most hilarious stories all year! Meanwhile, can you spot the difference in the two pics above?

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