Saturday, 11 May 2013

NB Inspiration: The Best Gifts You Can Give To Someone

Trust your week went well? So sorry for the late entry on 'Inspiration Today', I promise not to be this late next time. 
OK now that I've been forgiven, lets move on. *Wink*

Gifts are beautiful, we feel very happy when we receive a gift from family, friends, and loved ones especially during special occasions like our birthdays, marriage ceremonies and so on. The truth is, I've come to realise that sometimes what we actually call gifts don't really matter much in life, all of these are mainly material things, we use them and they fade away. What about non-material gifts? 

Now, below are what I have described as the BEST GIFTS which can always be accompanied with the material ones if you so desire. But these are the REAL and most VALUABLE of all gifts.

The best gift you can give to a friend is honesty/trust.
To your offender: forgiveness/second chance.
To your boss: loyalty/selfless service.
To your job/career: passion/hard work/commitment.
To your child: care/affection/education.
To your spouse/partner: true love/fidelity.
To all and sundry/the world at large: true love/equal rights and justice.
But most importantly, to your creator i.e. God Almighty: your life/time.

If we all apply these principles when thers's an opportunity to, the world I tell you, will be a better place...If you've not been doing this, start today, they cost NOTHING!

Catch me next week on this Blog for another interesting topic on 'Inspiration Today', for now is happy weekend from Me.
Nelly Ok


  1. NB this is inspiring, thank U!

  2. You're welcome. glad you liked it.