Saturday, 18 May 2013

NB Inspiration: In My Shoes

I woke up one morning in the midst of all the challenges facing me, and I asked myself, why would anyone envy me and want to be in my shoes? They don’t know how far I’ve come, and they don’t know what lies ahead of me.

People don’t know the trouble that you’ve had or the price you had to pay to get to where you are. All they want  is to be like you.

We all work hard in life trying to make ends meet, but sometimes you wish to be like other people or one of the so-called world celebrities without knowing what really their lives are behind the paparazzi pictures, the cars at the garage, the faces on the TV, the legs and hands playing your favourite sport, or should I say the striking body shape, the cooperate suits, the voice singing the sweet melody, the character in one of the best-selling movies, the poet that could wake the spirit of the dead, or the man sitting and stirring through the windows of 'Air Force One'. Come on people, have we lost our ingredients of being human? Where is the uniqueness? Why would you wish you were in anybody’s shoes when you hardly know how they fit?

When you have worn your shoes for a while, they take the shape of your feet and align to the way you walk. If you were to wear my shoes, you will not be comfortable in them.

In the entire world there is only one YOU. You are an original, your God is not in the cloning business, He makes originals and his works were finished from the foundation of the world; if your body were to be better than what it is right now, he would have made it. So I stopped wishing that I were in another person's shoes, because they will not fit; rather I thank God for my shoes because they fit perfectly.

Choose to be the happiest person every day, and understand that no one can replace you anywhere. Shun those wishing thoughts they are mere unrealistic fantasies. You cannot get inspiration from wishing, but you can admire and be motivated.

Enjoy your weekend. Xoxox
Nelly Ok 

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