Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shameless Actress Tina Malone Pregnant @ 50 After IVF Treatment

Actress Tina Malone is five weeks pregnant with her and husband Paul's first child together
following successful IVF treatment.
The star, 50, and her husband Paul Chase - who is 19 years her junior - conceived after travelling to Cyprus to find an egg donor.

Speaking on ITV1's This Morning, Tina — who is best known for playing Mimi in Channel 4's Shameless — exclaimed: "I am pregnant. We are delighted."
"I think it's important that I'm much more healthy than I was 20 years ago. I've had ECGs, I've had blood tests, we've had everything done. And physically, mentally, emotionally, and even financially, believe it or not, I'm better than I have been for 20 years. And I've got the best man or partner I could ever have.

Speaking on the show, Tina - who had daughter Danielle when she was 17 - added that there are signs she is carrying twins.

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