Saturday, 25 May 2013

South African TV Star Nonhle Thema In 'Baby Daddy Drama'

South African controversial media personality and former Channel O VJ, Nonhle Thema introduced 24-year-old Arthur Bolton as her baby daddy and fiance when they both appeared in the May issue of Drum Magazine
But here comes a twist to the story. South African rapper Young Nucho (Lil Wayne look-alike) had been claiming Nonhle as his baby mama and her daughter Star Ivy (born Dec 2012) as his daughter. 
He reportedly started dating Nonhle in 2011 and when she fell pregnant, everyone assumed he was the baby daddy. The two photos above show the couple together when Nonhle was pregnant. Young Nucho would also post photos of Star Ivy on Instagram and call her his little Princess.
Then from no where Nonhle introduces 24-year-old Arthur Bolton as the father of her baby. She claimed in the Drum feature that she's been dating Arthur since 2010 but they were never photographed together during her fact, the Drum interview was the first time anyone would hear about Arthur.
In an interview granted to Drum Magazine, Nonhle revealed that she first started dating Arthur, they broke up, she met young Nucho and started dating him. They broke up and she went back to Arthur. They broke up and she went back to Nucho. While going from Nucho and Arthur, she tripped and fell pregnant. Ok oh...
Nonhle ended things with Young Nucho early this year and went back to Arthur. They are engaged and planning to get married soon.

Many have raised eyebrows since she introduced her fiance Arthur, and shocked at her weired on and off relationship with the two men. 
My question is....."if she knew Young Nucho was not the baby daddy, why did she spend her preggy days with him and what exactly she told him that made him believed he was Ivy's father?. Celebs and their naughty relationships, can't deal.

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