Monday, 20 May 2013

Woman Bites Boyfriend’s Penis After He Spurns Her Advances – Gets Arrested

A 19-year-old woman has been accused of biting her boyfriend’s penis after he turned down her sexual advances, it has been claimed.
Krystle Harrison was arrested last week on domestic battery charges following the alleged incident in Bradenton, Florida.

A report obtained by the Smoking Gun narrated that, 24-year-old Jeffrey Wilkinson, and his girlfriend Krystle were in bed. The girl wanted to have sex and began to touch him, Jeffrey informed Krystle several times that he did not want to partake. The girl then grabbed and bit his penis. Choi, na by force, hahaha?

The report went on to claim that Krystle followed Jeffrey, with whom she has a young son, outside their house, slapping him and spitting in his face.
Despite also sustaining scratches to his chest, Jeff said he did not want to press charges nor seek medical treatment.

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  1. Omoh see case!guys u need to wear iron pant now wen u r with ur girl friend incase u turn down her advances to avoid her chopping ur penis off.....lols