Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Women Run Through The Streets In Undies To Win Clothes Voucher

A promotion that encouraged women to run in their underwear through city streets in Switzerland to win a voucher to buy clothes has been slammed by feminists.
The women ran 375 metres through Basel city centre in their bras and pants for the chance to win a £350 voucher for a new fashion store.
But Swiss Equal Opportunities Officer Leila Straumann from Basel city council said: "I thought it was a joke.
"I just couldn't believe that a clothing store would organise such an event. April 1st is long gone."
And local MP Sarah Wyss also condemned the run saying: "This stunt is primitive and extremely sexist.
"There is absolutely no reason to have half naked women running through the city in aid of the opening of a new store. It suggests women will do anything for a clothes voucher."

Schild, who exclusively run the Hallhuber chain of stores in Switzerland, defended its actions.
"Hallhuber is a lifestyle brand, it should be fun. We stand by the promotion. We want to appeal to young, spontaneous customers. We seem to have succeeded - the 50 women who enrolled, speaks for itself."

Would you run through the streets in your undies just for £375 voucher? 

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