Saturday, 15 June 2013

'Britain's Most Spoiled Rich Girl' Gina Rio Booed As She Enters Big Brother House

The fourteenth series of Big Brother UK is now underway with nine contestants already getting settled in the house.
But what those already inside didn't expect was that six more contestants were due to join them on Friday.

And so with a Second Live Launch for the 2013 series - titled Secrets & Lies - host Emma Willis introduced six new contestants.

First up was 'Lady of Leisure' Gina Rio - who has a £10,000 allowance per month courtesy of her mum, used to live at the Savoy hotel for £20,000 per month - and yet still lived on credit cards.
She revealed herself not willing to wash clothes and rebuffed the idea of being uptight by saying 'money has power'

But Gina was booed from the second she appeared in front of the live audience, she said 'it's going to be hard and a challenge, but I'm up for it,' before finally going in. 

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