Saturday, 15 June 2013

Colombian Poet To Sell His Testicles To Fund European Peace Tour

A Colombian poet is planning to sell his own testicles to raise money for a European tour.
Raffael Medina Brochero says he will give his gonads to the first person to offer him $20,000 (£12,800).
He said the money would be used to fund a tour through Europe while presenting his project, Poetry for Peace in Colombia.

Mr Brochero, from Magdalena, told Colombian radio station he was anxious to avoid running out of money in Europe.
He said his life had been in danger in Bolivia last year when he ran out of money during a South American tour.
He had ended up breaking the law in five different countries and was forced to sell his wedding ring in order to spread his message through poetry, he said.
So, Mr Brochero has concluded that the only way to remain poetic and law-abiding is to sell his testicles.

So what happens eventually when he gets a buyer? Will he cut the thing off, strange isn't it?

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