Friday, 14 June 2013

Man Dialled 999 Over 'Ugly' Prostitute

Police in Birmingham have issued a warning to a shameless man who rang 999 to complain about an "ugly" prostitute.
The man wanted action taken against the girl for breaching the Sale of Goods Act for "making herself out to be better looking than she was". hehehe

Officers advised the man that public solicitation of sex was illegal and have now sent him a warning letter.
West Midlands Police spokesman Lee Page said: "The caller said he had arranged to meet a prostitute outside a hotel and he did not like the look of her. He said she made herself out to be better than she was."

Sgt Jerome Moran, of Solihull Police, who investigated the matter, revealed details of the bizarre case on Twitter.
He said: "It was unbelievable; he genuinely believed he had done nothing wrong and that the woman should have been investigated by police for misrepresentation.
"I told him that she'd not committed any offences and that it was his actions, in soliciting for sex, that were in fact illegal.

"Unhappy with the response, he then insisted on coming down to the police station to debate the matter.
"Although he refused to give me his details following our conversation, I was able to identify him and have since sent him a letter warning him about his actions."

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