Tuesday, 11 June 2013

University Lecturer Stripped Naked After Getting Involved In A Sex Scandal With His Student

A lecturer in the Theatre Arts Department of the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, who goes by the name Ifeanyi Ugwu Raphael, was reportedly caught over the weekend in a female student’s room in a sex-for-marks scandal.
Reports say the lecturer had insisted on having sex with the 400 level student (names withheld) without which she will continue to fail his course.

Sources who narrated the story to Information Nigeria, said last Friday, Mr Ifeanyi, who is working towards earning his Ph.D degree from same university, had gone to see his student with the understanding that he will come along with her exam scripts and after sleeping with her, upgrade the scores immediately.
However, unknown to him, the student had her own game plan. It was learnt that she had arranged with her male friends and neighbours to barge into her room whose door she left unlocked once she has gotten Mr Ifeanyi undressed.

The girl’s plan worked out and Ifeanyi was dragged out without any clothes on with the help of her neighbours and male friends.
Realising his game was up and the damaging effect it would have on his career, the lecturer pleaded and asked for forgiveness but the now angry group insisted on taking their pound of flesh as he was molested and told to pose for photographs as evidence of his misdeeds.
According to some students of the Theatre Arts department who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being victimized, they said the lecturer was in the habit of blackmailing his female students into sleeping with him just as they accused him of often bragging of being untouchable because he purportedly belongs to a dreaded confraternity on campus.

The students added that for male students who fail Ifeanyi’s course, they are forced to part with five thousand (5,000) or risk carrying over the same course.
Reacting to the allegation when contacted, Mr Ifeanyi said he had nothing to say as the school authority is handling the case. That serves him right!

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  1. The lord will continue to expose them!dats serves hime right!!