Tuesday, 25 September 2012

UK's youngest Mum Tressa Middleton speaks out

When Tressa Middleton gave birth in 2006, she made headlines as “Britain’s youngest mum.”
Shockingly, the 12-year-old schoolgirl had fallen pregnant aged just 11 – and later revealed the sickening truth that her brother, Jason, then 16, had raped her and fathered the baby.

In July 2009, Jason was convicted of rape at the High Court in Glasgow and sentenced to four years in prison. But Tressa struggled to cope and, after her daughter was taken into care aged two, she turned to drink and drugs.

For the first time in 4years during their mother’s funeral a couple of weeks ago, Tressa came in contact with his brother, now 23 – who was released from prison in March after serving three years of his sentence. Incredibly, she admitted she has forgiven him.

She says: “Jason helped carry Mum’s coffin. He was in bits, like I was. We kept our distance and didn’t make eye contact. But we both cried.

“It was the first time I’d seen him in four years – but I didn’t feel any hatred towards him. I know what he did was wrong, and so does he, but my mum wouldn’t want it to ruin our lives. She can rest in peace knowing we’re moving on. I forgive him.”

Note: the earlier you forgive and move on the quicker you heal and become better..

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