Saturday, 12 January 2013

British Man Dies Trying To Save Drowning Wife In Australia

A British man has died trying to save his wife from drowning, after she slipped from rocks on Twilight Beach in Esperance, Western Australia.
Bernard Robinson, 54, and his wife Amanda, 51, moved from Broadstairs, Kent, to Yanchep, near Perth, in 2009. Mrs Robinson slipped on rocks and fell into the sea when they were fishing. Her husband of 27 years and a father of five, tried to help her by holding out his fishing rod for her to grasp, but he also lost his footing and fell into the sea.
The Daily Mail reports that the couple trod water together for up to an hour, before Mrs Robinson managed to pull herself onto a rock. When she turned around, she saw her husband floating face down in the water. A pod of dolphins then appeared, and followed Mr Robinson's body as it was brought ashore by boat.
"I slipped and fell. Bernard used the rod to try and pull me up, but the ocean rose and took us both in" explained Mrs Robinson. So sad.

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  1. What a sad story!may his soul rest in peace!he did not die for nothing,dats what's love is all about!