Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Michael Jackson's Mum Seeks £26bn From AEG

Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, 82, is reportedly seeking $40bn (£26bn), including £5bn loss of future earnings, from the singer's comeback tour promoter AEG Live.
Jury selection has begun for the trial, which is due to begin this week.

Jackson's mother claims AEG was neglectful when it hired the singer's doctor Conrad Murray, who eventually gave Jackson the overdose that led to his death in 2009. It is thought that Murray, who is in jail for accidental manslaughter, may be asked to give evidence at the trial but will have the right to refuse.

The singer died three weeks before the start of his 50-show comeback tour. His death was caused by an overdose of Propofol, a sedative given to aid sleep.
Katherine Jackson also believes rehearsals for the comeback tour pushed her son too hard.
AEG Live says it was not responsible for the hiring of Murray, and has called the $40bn figure "preposterous".
It has been rumoured that both Jackson's son Prince, 16, and the pop star Prince will be called upon to testify in the trial, the latter about his experiences with AEG.
It is thought that AEG will bring up details of Jackson's child molestation trial, and will seek to show that the singer had drug issues before meeting Murray.

There is currently a dispute with judge Yvette Palazuelous over allowing live television cameras to cover the trial.
The trial begins this week.

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