Thursday, 30 May 2013

Czech Mother Pregnant With The Country's First Naturally Conceived Quintuplets

A Czech mother has become the first ever in her country to be pregnant with quintuplets without an IVF treatment.
Alexandra Kinova, 23, is due to give birth by Caesarean section on Sunday to the Czech Republic's first ever set of quins.

Ms Kinova, who already has one son, did not realise she was carrying five babies until last month.
At first doctors said she was having twins but in March staff at the Prague Institute for the Care of Mother and Child said she was actually pregnant with four children.
However, it was not until the following month that she finally discovered she was having quintuplets.

She said: 'When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry.'
According to local media, her children will be the country's first set of quins.
Kinova said both she and her partner have a family history of twins. 

Aww! that tommy looks like it's going to burst right now. God please this is the kind I want, but triplets, need to have it once and for all :-) By the way, the young mother is very beautiful.

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