Thursday, 30 May 2013

Man Arrested For Selling Freshly Cut Penis

Suspect Samuel Banda
Police in Malawi have arrested a 24-year-old man after he tried to sell the freshly cut penis belonging to a 45-year-old.
According to local media, officers in the central Lakeshore District of Salima say they responded to a report of a man lying bleeding and unconscious next to railway tracks on Tuesday.
But when the man was admitted to hospital, doctors were shocked to discover his penis was missing.

Salima police chief Foster Mangani said hours later, police were called to a local motel where the owner reported a guest had tried to sell her a penis. The price? US$360.

Police have named the suspect as Samuel Banda, who later admitted selling many body parts to well known business personalities in the past. There's actually a photo showing the man's penis published by the local media but it's a gory sight, can't show it on here.

I hope this man rots in jail for this evil act, what is the victim going to do without a knob for the rest of his life? Can't even imagine this...Jeeeeez.


  1. What's wrong wt his own body parts? If he needs money let him start by selling of his own parts. D End is near.

  2. Jesus what is dis world turning into?dey should cut off his own penis and give him to eat simple